‘In My Skin’ aims to promote a wider representation of identity, using personal elements to underpin the project and provide intimate perspectives to the works.

Stripping everything back to just the model and I, these portraits evoke a raw essence of both the photographer and the subject.

Each model photographed has a personal story to tell and has collaborated with me to capture imagery with the aim to inspire others. I only had an hour or two per model, meeting for the first time on the shoot, having scouted each person through social media.

Capturing the imagery allowed a connection to develop; conversations disclosed included subjects being bullied due to their appearance, inner battles with body confidence and the fraught experience of having an eating disorder.

The nude colour palette utilised demonstrates the simplicity of the human body as the subject before me, with beauty portrayed across the vast spectrum of tones.

Photographing these portraits has been cathartic and a healing process for both myself and the subject. I have drawn inspiration from personal on-going struggles with appearance and body image, alongside taking a stance to diversify my portfolio and the work that I am contributing to the media. With my experience working within fashion photography, I feel it is important for myself and for the industry to be held accountable for the diversity presented through imagery.

Therefore, this selection of images is just the beginning for my own practice and will continue to be developed and extended. 

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